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Three icons representing research, investment, and cash flow as well as a visual diagram picturing $47,980 in sales, generated by paid ads on YouTube.

How ‘Once’ Paid Ad Stretagy Works

We’ve established and fine-tuned a process that helps us to get the most ouf of each stage of finding, targeting and converting your leads into real-time customers.

Analysis of Digital Portfolio

  • Our team audits your Google & Facebook ad accounts to precisely form a profitable growth strategy
  • To get your company’s tone and voice on point, we review your service/product positioning
  • Finally, we study your ICP and analyze TAM to define market demand and matching intent
Two charts illustrating an average customer profile and a client portfolio, evaluated on ‘impulsive spending’, ‘disposable income’ and ‘buying trends’, and ‘ad account data’.
Two diagrams illustrating growth trends from July to December as well as general consumer and competition data in the market.

Macro Market Analysis

  • Our team conducts research on industry specifics & trends to identify opportunities for your brand
  • At the same time, we review up-to-date customer behavior to understand consumer requirements
  • Based on your ICP and research data, we develop a marketing strategy to target your audience in the most efficient way

Paid Ad Campaigns

  • Then, we specifically tailor our targeting to the most profitable segments within your target audience
  • We provide constant supervision & monitoring of the campaigns to make sure we’re hitting KPIs
  • Finally, we accumulate and utilize data to continuously optimize & scale your campaigns to increase revenue potential consistently
An uptrend chart illustrating both the generated and estimated revenue by YouTube and Facebook advertisements.

The ‘Once’ Philosophy

We’re on a mission to reform the agency model. As a true growth partner we’re emphasizing quality over quantity.

If you want to break free from old-fashioned agency traits: the month-long onboarding processes, poor communication, high start-up fees, expensive offices, “being a fish in the numbers game”, and lack of flexibility, you’re at the right place.

‘Once’ brings a whole new era. We will onboard you in less than an hour and jump straight into getting your ads running as soon as possible. Our modern approach ensures successful paid ad campaigns, efficiently scaling your business on a consistent basis.

Our success lies within the simplicity and elegance of the way we advertise. This is achievable because of the streamlined systems we’ve developed over the years.

These allow us to deliver a constantly increasing ROI, smooth workflow, frequent communication, a flexible partnership, and an AI-based easy-to-understand reporting system.

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Choosing a long-term growth partner is the matter of the highest responsibility. Find out whether our offer and your expectations synergize.

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It’s a match if:


  • You ran paid ads before, but didn’t bring expected results
  • You have issues in targeting your desired audience
  • Your ads are constantly banned or taken down
  • You are looking for other revenue streams
  • You are looking for a strategy to increase customer retention and boost sales consistently
  • You don’t have the resources to hire and educate new marketing team
  • You’re ready to make solid investments and build long-term partnerships

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There might be some issues if:

  • You’re not ready to invest in growing your digital presence
  • Your business requires multi-step approval stages
  • You are looking for overnight success & instant results
  • You are not interested in running paid ads for your business
  • You are selling “everything to everyone”

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